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Doğupen Hakkımızda

Our company, which went into actions as a small business established by “Erol Şengün” in an area of 150m² in Trabzon Sürmene in 1989, continued its activities with the Limited Company established in 1998.
After acquiring the Pakpen Local Dealership in 1992, Dogupen continued to produce doors and windows, and developed rapidly by expanding its work in its field.Today, DOGUPEN, which is active in a closed area of 14.000 m2, has become one of the few enterprises in Trabzon and the Eastern Black Sea Region, and has become one of the leading organizations in the region with an annual production capacity of 5.000 tons.

Dogupen, which started investing in 2013 to developed two times more its existing factory, aims to the two times more production.Dogupen, which has a high performance and rises and grow continuously, continues to add new branches to its structure. Dogupen opened a new branch in Ordu in 2014 and continued its production here as well, while dominating the region with approximately 120 employees, it continues to create a new mission in the market with its young dynamic staff.Our company, which produces PVC door and window systems with Dogupen brand and started to create its own profile with the TSE Certificate of Conformity, has built to the dealership system and also distributes these products with its own dealer network.Our company, which is on a new quests, has been coming out of the box with the ESWIN brand for about 1 year. Dogupen, has developing day by day with the understanding of the market that shapes the sector, started the production of TOKI’s projects with the 6o series with 3mm wall thickness.DOGUPEN serves with a wide range of products from window to garden accessories, from exterior to door and double glass production in the building sector in which is active.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality services and products with our advanced logistics network and optimum delivery time by responding to the demands of our customers in line with the expectations of our customers in a fast and timely manner.

Our Vision

With our experience, equipped team and technological infrastructure, DOGUPEN, which easily meets the regional demands today, moves our brand further and makes it one of the leading brands in the country in Pvc door and Window Systems.

Quality Policy

For the happiness of customers, company owners, suppliers, employees and society, :

* Quality, environment and safety awareness,
• First time, error-free, on time, at the lowest cost,
* It is to do by constantly improving.